• Simple Botting with PHP

    A programming book by Shay Anderson

    Instant Simple Botting with PHP is a book that
    helps programmers develop simple bots
    using PHP. Learn how to build a bot capable of
    gather and storing data.

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    Simple Botting with PHP
  • Enterprise Software Development

    Fuse business and software.

    Software Engineering, Database Development & Web App Development in Tampa Bay, Florida. We offer a wide variety of software development services including software programming, UI design, database design and development, server and systems management and more.

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  • PHP Software Development

    We perform rapid enterprise PHP software development.

    We specialize in enterprise, object-oriented PHP software development. Our PHP software can be custom built to achieve all software goals and requirements. The PHP software we develop is built using our own PHP framework and database abstraction ORM package.

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  • LAMP Development

    Get superior LAMP server management and software development.

    Because most of our software operates on LAMP platforms we have gain exception knowledge in LAMP technologies and software methods. LAMP environments have become our primary choice based on dedicated performance and affordability.

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  • Solr Search Engine Development

    Achieve your custom search engine requirements with our Apache Solr development.

    Apache Solr is a powerful search engine that can be customized to meet all search engine requirements. Solr can also be used to power Web application product and document requests.

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  • Zap Library with ORM

    Zap is a database abstraction and ORM layer for PHP and MySQL database servers

    The Zap Library can save hours of programming time by using ORM technology, which delivers easy database reads and writes.

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Welcome to Shay Anderson Software. Here at Shay Anderson Software we are software engineering experts who design, develop and deploy revolutionary software applications and software systems for professionals who desire the advantage that sophisticated software provides. Our goal is to make intricate software that executes complex tasks simple for our clients to understand and operate.

We engineer software and manage servers nationwide from Tampa Bay, Florida. We specialize in PHP programming, LAMP development, Enterprise Management Systems, Web application development, Search Engine Software and database and server management.

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